Monday, April 30, 2012

Package #2: 5 Drought-Tolerant Plants for Southern Landscapes and Gardens

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Flower garden and landscaping choices throughout the Southern US are getting more and more difficult due to the latest concerns regarding water conservation. Yearly watering restrictions have become normal and expected in many Southern US states. Blooming plant choices become limited and boring landscapes are the result. Five drought-tolerant plants are detailed in this article, making a landscape that is both colorful and mindful of water conservation possible.


Throughout the Southern US water conservation is a growing concern. Many states and local jurisdictions throughout the South often impose lawn and garden watering restrictions due to dry conditions. These facts of life can impose a significant challenge to Southern gardeners and their planting choices when it comes to creating a vibrant landscape. Color and texture, perhaps the two most important factors in creating an eye-catching landscape or garden, are often the first things scarified at the altar of water conservation. A Southern garden does not have to be dull and colorless to...

Lantana is a hearty and moderate growing green leafed bush that possesses a prolific blooming capacity. Once established, lantana grows to a two foot diameter and two foot height with only occasional watering needed. Lantana blooms are a fantastic choice for butterfly gardens and planting beneath taller bushes or shrubs. A very manageable grower, lantana will find a place in even the most work adverse gardener’s heart. Lantana bloom color choices ranging from white to purple to gold with single or multi-colored blooms are easily found at most nurseries and home improvement stores. It seems...

Mexican Petunia
Mexican petunia (ruellia brittoniana) is a both a vigorous grower and bloomer once established. The most common bloom color found for Mexican petunias is purple. There is also a pink variety available...

 Firecracker Plant
Firecracker plant (russelia equisetiformis), or fountain plant as it’s also called, is a light green bush that grows to a height of two to three foot and three to four feet width. It grows in a weeping manner with numerous tubular, coral red blooms cascading from its light green shoots. Hummingbirds will work the red...

With these five plants, creating a Southern garden or landscape that is heat and drought-tolerant is easy. But, perhaps the most stunning thing about these plant choices for hot climate landscaping is... 

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Package #1: Easy Tips for Growing Roses

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Article dispels the notion held by many gardeners that growing roses is difficult. There are only four simple guidelines for growing healthy roses easily. Article outlines in a very easy manner the four main areas of importance for growing healthy roses: proper location, adequate fertilizer, correct watering and thoughtful pruning. This package is for full ownership rights to the unique article content and original, unmarked picture media. All contents of this package are previously unpublished. Limited usage rights are available through the Head Elf in Charge.


There is quite possibly nothing in gardening that compares to the beauty and pleasure in growing roses. Unfortunately, every year gardeners are discouraged from growing roses due to fears that it is complicated, expensive and...Regardless of gardener experience, successful roses need not be any of these things. By simply following the basic rules for growing roses: proper location, adequate fertilizer...any gardener can experience the elegant beauty of...

When considering where to plant that new rose bush, using the old rose growing expression...This simply means that the rose’s upper portion, the bush foliage, should get plenty of warm sun while the roots...

Roses maintain peak health and beauty through consistent nourishment. After planting a rose in a good location...There are many commercial rose fertilizers available at most home and garden stores...consistent feeding cycle for your roses without fuss is to use both a long acting and short acting granulated fertilizer. Granulated fertilizers applied to the base of the rose bush directly from the package...

Perhaps the most critical element in growing roses is watering. Water can be the trickiest part of growing roses because...Watering roses in the evening should always be avoided. Cooler nighttime temperatures encourage condensation and watering late increases foliage moisture

All healthy roses require annual pruning. Pruning encourages vigorous and shaped growth. Annual rose pruning...When pruning roses, the gardener should keep thinning the bush’s overall density in mind. Rose bushes should be pruned to encourage a general outward...

In the entire gardening world there simply isn’t any other flower that conveys the ideals of beauty, life and love like that of a rose. Shakespeare used the rose...By following these simple tips, any gardener can...

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